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Social Education for Brain Health

How The Purplearn Program Works

After reading hundreds of research studies we found the experts agree on some things about brain health. One thing is that the social component can't be underestimated. Our brains crave positive social interaction with other brains. Having fun with friends is good for our brains. A second thing is that a bored brain becomes tired and lethargic. To combat this our brains need unique, new, and surprising stimulation. The Purplearn program combines these two things. You are having fun with friends doing unique and surprising activities.

Purplearn Director and Founder, David R Eisenstein, has over 30 years of experience doing this. From classrooms full of children to boardrooms full of businessmen to staff rooms full of teachers, he has taught all ages with gentle humor. A 1992 newspaper article on David's teaching is entitled, "When Learning Looks Like fun". In the article David expresses his ongoing philosophy that everyone enjoys learning when their time is full of engaging, exciting, and unique activities. Over the years he has developed or modified thousands of different activities to maximize the fun.

One Purplearn patron of over a dozen different sessions said she has "never had the same experience twice. It's always different and it's always fun. I never know what to expect."

One thing is sure - there is nothing out there like Purplearn. The Purplearn program has been described as a cross between a game show, a classroom, and a night playing party games with friends or family. We smile, we play, and we laugh as our brains make new connections that strengthen our mental health. Our participants feel better, happier, and sharper after every session.

Make that first connection today and contact Purplearn. We will make it easy for you to start and you will never want to stop. Build yourself a better brain by having fun.



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