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Social Education for Brain Health

 If you are interested in booking Mr. Eisenstein, Mr. Andiorio, Dr. Eisenstein, or Mr. Kelley, call Purplearn for availability.

Internet Resources 

For getting started, Purplearn suggests the following. 

For a good general introduction to Cooperative Learning:

The Johnson brothers have published a lot of material and most of it is worth reading.

For the easiest way to get going quickly, Spencer Kagan's cooperative learning structures are ready to go right out of the box. This page is mostly a big ad for Kagan's products and services, but buying a copy of his big book of structures is worthwhile:

You can and should modify these as you get more comfortable with the processes. Make them your own as you add to your structures. Having a wide variety of activity structures at your command is essential to successful cooperative learning. 

For teachers who need to show this kind of differentiation of activities in your plans, a sample lesson plan is available by emailing us:

There is a lot of good, basic information about cooperative learning at this next site that you can peruse without even signing up for their 7 day free trial:

If you're new to social emotional learning, this is a good place to get some basic information about SEL:

We at Purplearn have the pleasure of working with the brilliant professor from Rutgers, Dr. Maurice Elias. Here is a solid list of the books by Dr. Maurice Elias as well as a video interview:

If you were at a seminar about PBL or Behavior Management, please address any questions to Mr. Eisenstein directly at

If you have any questions, or would like to talk more about these topics or education in general, please email us at: