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Social Education for Brain Health

There are two kinds of guided, beneficial thinking. The first kind is the thinking you do by yourself. This includes brain training and learning content. This is your homework. The second kind is the thinking you do together with other people. This is your classwork and this is what the Purplearn program is all about.

For the homework we suggest the following. Purplearn endorses only the online brain training options associated with These online resources show impressive results over a large population group. They work and you can even sign up for them with AARP. For content acquisition we endorse Kahn Academy. Do these two things as your homework.

The classwork part of the brain health picture involves positive social interaction with other people. Studies have shown that playing with your grandchild is one of the best things you can do for your brain. Our brains need positive social experience. When you combine fun with thinking you get social education. This social education is what the Purplearn program is all about.

Imagine something that helps your brain stay healthy and is so much fun you will want to do it every day. We make it easy because we come to you and ongoing classes are very affordable. Call Purplearn today at 908-216-8071.